Ideas for Safe and Secure Home Improvement in Atlanta

Friday, September 20th, 2013

The Fox Rio site has an article that lists six home improvement projects that homeowners shouldn’t attempt to do on their own. Fall is often the season when many want to enhance their property in time for winter, but there are risks in performing home improvement without expert supervision. Building decks is one such project that’s better left to the pros, as stated by the article:

Building a deck seems like it would be easy, right? The work of a casual weekend, all for a big payout: a nice outdoor space where you can lounge in the warm season, barbecue, and dine outdoors. Plus, decks and other outdoor spaces radically increase the value of a home, so if you’re thinking about making a sale, a deck might seem like a natural thing to add.

But decks are actually pretty tricky. They need to be properly supported and built with pressure-treated wood that will resist weathering and insects. The ledger board attaching the deck to the house needs to be firmly anchored, with flashing to ensure water won’t be trapped against the house, and the footings need to be made from poured concrete. Furthermore, decks must have sturdy railings for safety, and stairs or ramps need to be constructed at the right incline.

Those inexperienced with carpentry or tools shouldn’t even attempt any DIY projects on their own. Poor skill around materials and instruments could lead to shoddy craftsmanship or serious injuries and even death. For safe and proper home improvement in Atlanta, folks should just rely on a professional contractor.

Putting up decks in Atlanta is just one of the many projects Georgians are sure to dream up, and some may feel a sudden impetuousness to build by themselves. However, take the possibilities mentioned seriously: heavy boards and planks could fall and seriously damage limbs or a slip from a ladder could result in bone fractures. Data shows millions of injuries and over 50,000 accidental deaths are reported each year due to home improvement projects gone awry.

Bringing in a contractor like Nehemiah ReConstruction can help bring those remodeling projects to life without endangering you or the condition of your house. From decks to porches, expert builders can deftly put together a structure that’s ready for use this winter. No more lopsided woodworking, crooked nails, and injured fingers; let the experts take care of all your construction needs.

(From 6 Home Improvement Tasks You Might Leave to Pros,, September 20, 2013)

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