Protecting Your Home's Doors from Seasonal Harm

Friday, November 15th, 2013

A home’s entry door gets a lot of attention at this time of year. It’s the ideal place to decorate for your enjoyment and anyone who comes to visit. Unfortunately, in your enthusiasm to get it dressed properly for the season, some people may overlook common problems that can create problems and cost money to fix later.

Creating a fresh first impression should be fun, especially when you have so many options. You could wrap the door in colorful paper or a large bow. You may consider adding seasonal wreaths, leaves, or other natural decorations, or perhaps a special family or neighborhood theme is better suited to your tastes. Whichever option you choose, first consider the long-term impact to your door.

Our customers who have relied on us to install new Therma-Tru entry doors will understand the need to protect their investment. The appearance of the door is a big part of the decision making process when they selected the door and they don’t want to do anything to diminish its beauty. So think about the types of materials you choose to use when adding your seasonal decorations.

One option to avoid is nails. Puncturing the surface of your door now could lead to damage down the road. You also want to carefully choose the materials you use to adhere any decorations to the door. Will they permanently ruin the finish or stain the glass? You can find out by testing them on another door or surface first.

Visibility through the door is often important, depending on the door’s design. To ensure your view doesn’t get blocked, consider creating a decoration plan that enhances the door’s appearance inside and out without covering up the glass. This could be as simple as adding bells to the doorknob or framing the entryway with decorative lights, garland, or whatever you like best.

Another festive idea, that also provides an upgrade to your home’s energy efficiency, is installing a new Therma-Tru entry door. It’s the first thing your friends and family will notice when they come for dinners and visits during the holiday season. Best of all, this expertly crafted door can help ease the burden of heating costs during the fall and winter seasons and the cost of cooling your home next summer.

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