Chilly Weather Challenge

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

After one of the warmest Decembers in Georgia, January has been harsh with chilly temperatures causing trouble for many of us. The forecast for the rest of the week calls for freezing temperatures at night and daytime highs dropping from the 50’s to just above freezing on Friday. You may have found ways to keep your home warm last week, but the chilly temperatures may open the door to another problem you haven’t thought of yet.

Any home that’s not well-sealed during the next round of cold weather could become a new temporary residence for unwanted animals. These animals may be pets that are displaced from their owners or they may be wild. If you’ve heard rustling under a porch or strange scratching in the walls of your home, the uninvited guests may have already moved in.

Who’s on the unwelcome guest list? In our area, a wide variety of animals could seek shelter at your place. Coyotes, foxes, and groundhogs are among them. Skunks, rats, and opossums could make an appearance as well. There are many more potential chilly weather visitors out there, too.

Potential damage to your home is a top concern as the animals could leave a path of destruction or leave behind considerable amount of droppings. You should inspect your home, or consider having a professional inspection by animal or pest removal experts annually. Even if you didn’t notice any animals lingering last week, the return of the freezing temperatures at night could be an open invitation for them to stop by.

If you do notice an opening of any kind in your home, avoid just sealing it. Make sure you haven’t trapped a pest inside. They may be hard to spot if they’ve been around for a day or two.

Any building on your property can be affected so be sure to inspect any place where a pest could hole up. Garages attached or unattached to the house are a potential hiding spot. Sheds are often another relatively easy place to get under or inside.

Avoid the trouble related to animals moving in without your permission by protecting your home, your property and your family from them. If they have arrived, Nehemiah ReConstruction reminds you to take quick action by contacting a pest removal expert, such as Urban Wildlife Control. These professionals are trained and experienced to safely and effectively handle these kinds of jobs.

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