Planning for Mother's Day in Atlanta

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Less than two weeks remain until that special holiday honoring moms and grandmothers everywhere. If you already have gift ideas and plans set, congratulations. If you haven’t even begun to think about what to get those you love, let’s talk about how to come up with a winning idea quickly.

  • Treat her uniquely.
    No one gift idea will work for every mom. The goal is to find something that speaks to each person. It should be inspired by her tastes, lifestyle, goals or even the nature of your relationship.
  • Don’t push an agenda.
    Your gift shouldn’t feel like something that’s forced on her. If your mother prefers to be at home or enjoys modest celebrations, taking her out for a high-priced dinner and seating her in the center of a restaurant may not be an ideal choice. It’s not an occasion to push her into new experiences or get her outside of her comfort zone.
  • Start a tradition.
    Whether she’s nearby or states away, Mother’s Day is a perfect time to start an annual tradition with your gift-giving. Perhaps you can find a theme to fit her style or her home and make that the basis for what you give her every year. It could be inspired by her favorite music or her favorite place. It doesn’t have to be the same type of item each time, like jewelry for example. It could be artwork one year and clothing the next.

It’s safe to say one thing most mothers want is time with their families. Nehemiah ReConstruction spends much of the year helping Atlanta area families create spaces to do just that and enhancing the places you come home to. It may be updating the exterior of the house with our lines of James Hardie fiber cement siding. Installing new entry doors with more attractive, durable and energy-efficient qualities is another way we can improve upon the family home.

Nehemiah ReConstruction also helps give Atlanta mothers a fun place to gather during family time at home by installing decks, porches and sun rooms. Imagine spending quality time with your mother in the sun room during your next visit to her place or her next visit to yours. It may be the place you hear some heartwarming family stories she’s never shared. And then you just created something truly unique.

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