008 was certainly a terrible year for the US housing market and the economy in general. Though everything is slowly bouncing back from that financial crisis, US financial woes are far from over.

Experts are speculating a potential stock market crash in 2014. We can all recall the difficulties that we experienced last time: unemployment ballooned to record highs and home mortgages started becoming unaffordable, forcing families to sell their homes. And with a looming stock market crash on the horizon, best be prepared; we’re not out of the woods yet.

An article from International Business Times’ website is citing experts on how and why a stock market crash this year is possible:

Renowned Investor Marc Faber expected the crash similar to what occurred in 1987. Political instability and wars are bad news for the stock market.

The reported Russian troop buildup at the Ukraine border and the possibility of harsh economic sanctions within the U.S and European countries tend to create a situation of uncertainty. The counter measures that Russia can take include stopping of gas supplies to Ukraine for nonpayment of gas dues. This situation may lead to Ukraine siphoning off gas meant for other European countries.

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(Article Excerpt from Recession in 2014? Why Experts are Predicting a Stock Market Crash in 2014.http://au.ibtimes.com. April 11, 2014)