Storing Emergency Kits for Hurricane Season

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Hurricane Season began on June 1, and you may be one of the many Atlanta and Gulf Coast residents who decided to hold your breath during the next several months and hope for the best. The “wait and see what happens” approach is never recommended, especially when taking the necessary steps for preparedness is so easy. Today we’ll focus the step of finding the right places to store emergency kits at home, at work, and in the car.

If you haven’t assembled or bought an emergency kit, it’s something you can do in less than an hour any given day of the week. In fact, you can probably put together several emergency kits at the same time, customizing them for the location they will be stored in. You’re aiming to include essential food, water and supplies. Those supplies will consist of a light source, such as candles or flashlights, a First Aid kit, prescription drugs you take daily, and anything else you deem important enough to include.

Once your emergency kits are ready to go, you’ll want to decide where to keep them. The choice is up to you but it’s important to talk to everyone in your home about the kit and where it’s stored. It won’t help you if it can’t be found or it’s not instantly accessible. Ideal spots include accessible locations near the front door, such as a pantry, a closet, or under the sink.

Since you can’t predict where you will be when disaster strikes, creating a kit for your vehicle is equally important. You could be trying to get home or trying to evacuate when the need for an emergency kit arises suddenly. This kit will be a bit different than the one at home as you will want to include blankets in case you end up sleeping in your car and jumper cables in the event that your car battery dies. Store your kit in the trunk, if you have one. If not, make sure the kit contents are secure inside the back of the vehicle so they don’t fly around and injure someone or distract the driver.

Some people are considered mandatory employees at their workplaces but even those who are allowed to leave may end up getting stuck at work when a tropical storm or hurricane sweeps through the area. Imagine for a moment you’re one of those people and consider what items you will need. Your workplace may already have plenty of water and other supplies so think of personal safety and comfort items. Comfortable walking shoes should be on the list of kit items in case you end up having to walk a long distance at any time.

Nehemiah ReConstruction wishes you a safe Hurricane Season but cautions you to get prepared and stay prepared should any storm or natural disaster come our way. If you have a tip to share about surviving a storm, we encourage you to post a comment below on this page. You can also share it with us on our Facebook page.

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